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Sell on the go How it Works Setup – Sell – Get Paid


Setup your account

Chose the plan that fits your needs.


Upload your products

Easy upload your inventory to the EZtory Management System


Start Selling

Start selling immediately from online landings and offline catalogs.


Receive Payment

Receive payments with credit cards straight to your Stripe or PayPal account.

Sell on the go Our Features The cutting-edge technologies to scale your sales

Multi Level Catalogs

Multi Level Catalogs

Organize inventory in multi layer catalogs, websites, and brochures.

Multi Sales Channels

Multi Sales Channels

Create your sales channels and build your distributional network.

Online/ Offline QR / AR

Online/ Offline QR / AR

Use different methods for wholesales / up sales / cross sales

Ad Video to Print Ads

Use Video ads with your print booklets, billboards, stickers, and postcards.

Try on the touch Engage your clients Convert your clients into your shoppers.

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The system is in a beta version. Restrictions may apply.*